There is Literally No Down-Side!

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Making changes in Technology can be a difficult and daunting decision for any company. There are several variables to consider: cost, downtime, change in user experience, security, etc.  Rarely has there been an evolutionary step in technology that is a win on all fronts…until now.  With Google Apps for Business, all of the concerns are alleviated:

  • The User experience is unchanged.  If your company is using MS Outlook to access Mail, Calendar Contacts, etc., you can continue to use Outlook in exactly the same way; plus you and your users now also have access to the same data from an even more feature-rich, simple, secure web interface from any machine, any where, any time with no setup needed.
  • Google Apps for Business is significantly less expensive than purchasing, configuring and maintaining local mail servers with several studies showing an ROI of 329%: Read here
  • User productivity increases as users now have secure access to their essential data from any where, any time from any device without the need for clunky, difficult to manage VPN’s, remote access or syncing to desktops.
  • Security concerns are alleviated; there are no local servers and firewalls to secure. Read more here
  • No costs for future upgrades or maintenance of servers.
  • No need for backups as all data is securely stored in the Cloud.
You can learn more here:
We have now done hundreds of these migrations and every company is much happier with the benefits and lack of local server maintenance, administration costs and headaches.
For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact:

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